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If your business needs temporary seasonal workers from aboard, when Americans are not available, consider the Federal H-2B work visa program.

You may apply to the government for permission to get H-2B visas which, when issued, belong to you as the employer. You may then select qualified international workers, from your roster or ours, to fill seasonal positions for a fixed period of time – usually your busy season.

For many employers, H-2B workers successfully fill a seasonal need when Americans do not want the jobs. Typical hospitality positions include housekeepers, cooks, dining room attendants, along with laborers and bus drivers.

To protect the interests of American workers and ensure national security, the government has a detailed application process for employers that want seasonal work visas. Completed applications must be approved consecutively by the U.S. Labor Department, the Customs and Immigration Service and the U.S. embassy in the home country of each worker. There also are fees associated with applications that employers must pay.

At Peak Season Workforce, we manage what can be a complicated and time-consuming process for you, keep our clients apprised of changing regulations and assist with post-employment paper audits that are frequently conducted by the Labor Department. And, with your best interests at heart, we always play by the rules.

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